Anna-Wendy Stevenson

Instruments: Fiddle

Anna-Wendy Stevenson is one of Scotland’s top young fiddlers. Born and brought up in a family of well – known musicians and instrument makers, Anna-Wendy began her musical career following in the classical footsteps of her grandfather, the pianist and composer Ronald Stevenson.

At the age of 19 she won a scholarship to lead an orchestra in the USA. On return to her native Edinburgh she rekindled her love of Scottish fiddle music and has gone on to make her living performing and teaching the fiddle music of Scotland. Over the past 4 years she has toured the world with Anam and Fine Friday – two top groups from Scotland.

Anna-Wendy is passionate about all forms of Scottish music and loves the spontanaeity of a pub session as much as the professional setting of a concert. Anna-Wendy plays a fiddle given to her by her father – the renowned fiddle maker – Gordon Stevenson.

She has recorded on more than 10 different albums and performed with many artists including: Anam, Gaelic singer/piper Anna Murray, Savourna Stevenson, Russell's House, John Rae’s Celtic Feet and Fine Friday and performed as a soloist in Simon Thoumire’s orchestral works.

Television appearances include: Tacsi (STV) Sorchar nan Reul (MnE), and Edinburgh Nights (BBC TV). Anna-Wendy also recorded on the soundtrack written by her aunt Savourna Stevenson for the BBC TV Omonibus film Tusitala.

Theatre credits include: The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black Black Oil with Wildcat Theatre co., Jimmy C with Theatre workshop, Factional Theatre’s In Silence and Tears for which she composed the music.